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Integrity, Respect, Dignity, Community, Inclusion


Marcia has a wealth of Governance knowledge and experience, with an extensive history of leadership. She is acknowledged as a 'values' leader, with a consistent devotion to an ethical approach and principled manner in all her projects.  She is committed to supporting the Not for Profit Sector in a cost-effective fashion.



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Governance Consultancy

Substantial involvement and ongoing professional development in governance, allows Marcia to provide multiple services with expert delivery and execution.


Board Support

Marcia offers tailored seminars designed for your Board with a focus on governance, including legal duties, accountability, risk, stakeholder relationships, Board practices and more.

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Public Speaking

Marcia has lectured across Australia on many different topics, including leadership, governance, child safety, institutionalized child sexual abuse, womens' rights and multiculturism.

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Marcia’s deliveries are designed to avoid the expense, time-delays, and stress of litigation, along with the flexibility to resolve disputes through a co-operative process.


Wendy Brooks

Managing Director

Marcia is insightful and highly experienced in identifying the business challenges of your organisation. She will hone in on the issues and provide you with practical solutions. Her warmth and enthusiasm for the Not for Profit sector is infectious. 

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FAICD | Board Director | Community Leader | Consultant | Candidate Doctor of Philosophy
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