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Governance Consultancy

Substantial involvement and education in Not for Profit governance, allows Marcia to provide multiple services with expert delivery and execution to her clients.

Services include constitutional development and review to ensure compliance with the new legislation, constitutional modification and re-registration and various corporate governance documentation services.

Marcia has extensive experience in policy development tailored to individual organisations along with diverse associated board and organisation assessments and solution provisions.


Marcia addresses challenging puzzles, through discussion, delivery and education at the highest standard without confusion.

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Public Speaking

A thought-provoking and innovative speaker, Marcia doesn't just speak - she inspires.


Marcia has lectured across Australia on many different topics including governance, leadership, child safety, institutionalized child sexual abuse and multiculturalism.


Her background in education enables her to put complicated perspectives well within the grasp of any audience and deliver with a positive point of view that both informs and motivates her audiences, providing practical take-aways.


On every occasion, Marcia reaches out with immediacy and warmth, involving her audience and delivering inspirational presentations with insight and perception that are sure to engage.


Board Support

Marcia's Board support services come in a variety of packages - alternatively she is happy to meet and discuss your personal needs and tailor or develop services to your preference.

She offers Board practice and/or organisational reviews - providing practical Reports designed to assist with most cost-effective actions to promote sustainability and drive improvements following the Review.


On request, Marcia provides Board Performance Review, educational workshops designed for your Board on governance, including Directors duties, accountability, risk, stakeholder relationships, board practices and more.


Other workshops are available for individuals undertaking specific roles within your organisation, on the execution and delivery of their role.

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With a lifetime of involvement and experience within diverse communities, the volunteer and not for profit sectors, Marcia has a deep understanding of the specific issues communities face and tailors her services to these unique circumstances.


Marcia’s deliveries are designed to avoid the expense, time-delays and stress of litigation, along with the flexibility to resolve disputes through a co-operative process.


Cost-effective assistance that understands the reality of the financial pressures and limitations of the not for profit and community sectors.

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